Often, I experience physical and mental claustrophobia as a result of an ongoing battle with my emotions. In order to remove the elusive nature and unfavorable associations society assigns to human emotions, my work aims to recontextualize and embody those feelings into tangible structures. Instead of enduring a senseless conflict within my mind, I am left with companionship and a better way to exist by coming to befriend my emotions and using them as resources that assist me through both trauma and daily life.
My most recent work is a series of abstract pieces embodying my perception of grief, inspired by natural rock formations. Grief is heavy, and can often feel like erosion and reformation. Yet, it is a natural process that has aided me in coping and healing from death, loss, and suffering. I am thankful for my grief, as it has allowed me to mourn. I find peace and color within my grief, as it has allowed me to feel. I celebrate my grief because, if you look closely, growth has started to bloom. 
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